[FoRK] Bob Metcalfe on keeping the tech edge

Mark Day mark_s_day at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 12 22:45:22 PST 2005

While it is nice to see Bob giving some good people the credit they deserve,
it would be nicer if their names were spelled correctly (see below).  Aren't
professional journalists supposed to check on things like that?  

[Or is that one of those questions that reveals how old I am? ;-)]

I especially like the way that the list "Butler Lampson, Chuck Thacker,..."
was apparently misheard as "Butler Lamps and Chuck Thacker."  


> was J. C. R. 
> Licklighter at MIT 

J.C.R. Licklider

> my mentor there was a guy named Al 
> Vessa, 

Al Vezza 

> of computer science stars, Butler Lamps and Chuck Thacker, 

Butler Lampson

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