[FoRK] eBay as social protest channel

Ken Meltsner meltsner at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 20:31:00 PST 2005


Pretty darned funny.  It's up to $100M so don't get sniped.



Billionaires for Bush, advocates for the corporate elite, proudly
Happy bidding!     
Happy bidding! 
This is an eBay EXCLUSIVE! 
Due to the surprising failure of carefully staged "conversations"
across America to convince the American Public that Privatizing Social
Security is a good thing, we have decided to take matters into our own
hands. As a favor to President Bush and offered exclusively here to
the winning bidder who meets our reserve, (must be a private Brokerage
Firm, see details below) Billionaires For Bush can't wait to pull the
switch on retirement security by circumventing Congress, the Will of
the People, and good sense. Why not cut right to the chase? Concurrent
with White House Goals and the Cato Institute, we're AUCTIONING OFF
SOCIAL SECURITY! (Please note: Qualified bidders must be a Wall St
brokerage firm! See disclaimer below.)

$ It?s the government?s most popular program. 
$ It?s running a huge surplus. 
$ It disbursed $492 billion to retirees, their survivors, the disabled
and orphans in 2004?47 million people in all. And very few of those
were CEOs!
$ It delivers money straight to those who have paid into the fund,
leaving brokerage houses completely out of the loop.

$ Right now the system pays benefits to retirees, widoweds, disabled
people, and orphans.
$ It is also one of the cheapest and most cost efficient
government-run systems.
$ BUT, there is a major flaw in all of this; Wall St. isn?t cut into the deal! 
$ Bid today and put Social Security on the market! It may be a gamble
for the many, but it?s a sure thing for the lucky few here on Wall St
? we make our commissions whether the market goes up or down!

Good questions from a few eBayers as well.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely, but model train sets do a pretty
good job as well

-- 2/28/05, in a odd dream

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