[FoRK] U.S. Undocumented Immigrant Numbers Surge

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Mon Mar 21 20:33:11 PST 2005

The US has had corruption in various governments and business at various 
times.  Sooner or later, we cleaned house.  It IS possible with the 
right attitude, mythology, and belief in the "right thing" by the 
population.  For several years it has struck me how Russia seems like it 
is living through a very US gangster-like era, albeit with the neo-KGB 
to fall back on.

Of course it's a big deal to remove corruption from a society.  Those 
suffering from corruption should get together to confront it.
Those of us who can educate, should educate about the wrongness of 
corruption, that there are better ways, and about methods of ursurping 
power from the unjust and bringing it to the people.


Luis Villa wrote:

>On Mon, 21 Mar 2005 18:03:46 -0800, Justin Mason <jm at jmason.org> wrote:
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>>Stephen D. Williams writes:
>>>The only real reason to restrict immigration is to avoid damaging
>>>dilution of the immigree society.  Choosing the filter methods may be
>>>fraught with various biases, but trying to absorb a billion people
>>>suddenly isn't going to work either.
>>>You would think that when there are enough people who want to live in
>>>the US that they would clean up their own locality to duplicate the US
>>>rather than just trying to inherit from our past.  Mexico is the obvious
>>>example.  Laws with teeth, systematic purging of corruption, sane
>>>infrastructure.  Is it really that difficult?  There are billions
>>>waiting to swoop in to build suburbia anywhere that a critical baseline
>>Who's supposed to do the 'laws with teeth, systematic purging of
>>corruption, sane infrastructure' part?
>>  - The (corrupt) government and its bureaucracy, who are all doing
>>    quite nicely thank you, without these things interfering with
>>    their kickback cashflow?  or:
>>  - The citizens, in an armed revolution or something?
>>It's quite a big deal removing corruption from a society. bear in mind
>>it's often not just govt, but the entire social system -- I talked to
>>people in Nepal who wouldn't deal with banks, for example, due to the
>>corruption in *that* system.
>Couple other notes:
>* as in Russia, the top strata of society (in terms of wealth and
>power) in many Latin American countries are either kleptocrats or the
>descendants of kleptocrats. They have a vested interest in the status
>* we often complain that poor Americans (and even our middle class)
>have it pretty bad in terms of income, power, whatever, and how the
>Man Keeps Us Down. Anyone who says that has no fucking idea how good
>they have it relative to most of the rest of the world.
>* It's been pointed out, wrt the embargo on Cuba, that if you are
>working every waking moment to not starve, you have very little time
>to ponder overthrowing the government, Justin's second point.
>Closing note: Latin American histofy prof at Cornell once told a
>friend 'it is impossible to study Latin American history without
>becoming a Marxist.' I'm not sure about impossible but I'll accept
>'damn hard.'

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