[FoRK] U.S. Undocumented Immigrant Numbers Surge

Damien Morton fork at bitfurnace.com
Mon Mar 21 21:30:19 PST 2005

In general, Rent Control ends up being a tax on the newly arrived and 
the less connected. Its amazing how tenaciously long terms residents 
(the beneficiaries) hang on to these privileges.

I am constanly shocked at self righteous stories I hear from people here 
in New York, justifying why they should pay half or quarter the going 
rate in rent, and why they and their families should be bought out when 
the owner wants to redevelop.

Ya gotta love capitalism and free trade - its great for everyone but me!

>>Now, you cant get rid of rent control and tennant rights laws 
>>once you 
>>put them in place; its too big a change, and too many vested 
> As a general principle, this is an overstatement.  I personally lived
> through the end of rent control in Massachusetts, and some 10 years later it
> seems unlikely to return.
> I'm not taking a stand here on whether that change was good or bad; just
> observing that it did happen, and so one would think it's at least within
> the realm of possibility elsewhere.

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