[FoRK] U.S. Undocumented Immigrant Numbers Surge

Gordon Mohr gojomofork at xavvy.com
Mon Mar 21 22:40:50 PST 2005

Mark Day wrote:
>>Now, you cant get rid of rent control and tennant rights laws 
>>once you 
>>put them in place; its too big a change, and too many vested 
> As a general principle, this is an overstatement.  I personally lived
> through the end of rent control in Massachusetts, and some 10 years later it
> seems unlikely to return.

How was this managed? City by city? Court cases? State law?

Rent control in Berkeley weakened a bit in the 90s -- they finally
adopted vacancy decontrol. I believe they were force by a state law.
Rent control still seems strong in San Francisco, though buildings
built after 1979 are exempt by state law. Wikipedia says Santa Monica
has recently limited rent-control to the poor and longtime tenants,

On this issue, I agree with Paul Krugman: "That great sacred cow --
Rent Control -- is a textbook case of Economic stupidity." [*]

I'd love to see a California state law making it illegal for cities
to engage in such price-fixing. Perhaps it could be bundled together
with something prohibiting cities from getting into subsidy bidding
wars against other cities for sports teams and corporate expansions.

- Gordon

[*] http://www.pkarchive.org/column/6700.html

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