[FoRK] Debunking the Right Schiavo spin

Regina Schuman rschuman at jfcsjax.org
Wed Mar 23 08:42:27 PST 2005

The ELECTION exposed it ... but the religious right equates rhetoric
with a stance.  you really have to understand the rr mind: the word of
god is unchanging, speaking the word is powerful, any information that
contradicts the word or the speaker of the word is of the devil and is
used to undermine the power of god.

it's real difficult to counter the reinforced willfulness of this
socially sanctioned self deception.

>>> "Russell Turpin" <deafbox at hotmail.com> 3/23/2005 9:52:29 AM >>>
>From Salon:
>It hasn't worked so far, and DeLay seems to be steaming.
>In a statement released this afternoon, the House majority
>leader said Judge  James Whittemore's refusal to order the
re-insertion of 
>Schiavo's  feeding tube is "obviously disappointing"..

He's against judicial activism except when he's, um, for it.

This case really is exposing a lot of the religious right's

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