[FoRK] Debunking the Right Schiavo spin

Kelley kelley at inkworkswell.com
Wed Mar 23 12:53:15 PST 2005

At 03:23 PM 3/23/2005, Stephen D. Williams wrote:

>>You can't possibly live in a red state! People here mock you if you say 
>>you're spiritual, not religious. You might as well tell them you're Wiccan.
>Maybe you should tell them that the GOP has convinced you to become Atheist.

:) Are ya trying to get me shot? Pretty soon, here in the Giant Wang, that 
might just happen: http://www.blogwood.com/archives/001086.html. I'm pretty 
sure a goodly portion of evangelicals ("just christians") would think I'm 
attacking them if I said that.

Two stories. Years ago, when the Jehovah Witnesses were pestering our 
neighborhood, (this was in NY, where I'm from), I was taking a soc of 
religion course. When they came to the door, I told them I was an Atheist 
thinking that would would get rid of them.

That just made them come back more often. I think they believe that if they 
turn atheists around, that's better than snagging a Catholic.

A couple of years later, I was teaching at a university in NY. I mentioned 
something in class about not believing. Most of the students in the room 
gasped. They were horrified. Good upper middle class, blue state children 
of parents wealthy enough to afford the, at the time, $30k tuition. Aren't 
they the supposed liberal humanists that evangelicals are constantly going 
on about?

When I transplanted to the Giant Wang, well, lemme tell ya, teaching in the 
Giant Wang's Bible Belt was a real anthropological experience. I taught on 
the coast and in the Bible Belt. It was like traveling between two worlds.

The weird thing is, I used to defend communities of faith against unfair 
attacks. That was in NY. In the Giant Wang, having it constantly in my face 
drives me guano. Here, a school functions, we don't pray to any generic 
deity. We have to pray to the dead guy on a stick. I couldn't believe it. A 
school function!

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