[FoRK] Re: wireheading

Dave Long dl at silcom.com
Wed Mar 23 22:42:43 PST 2005

It turns out the Swedes are big in this area,
having played around with Ti osseointegration
for a couple of decades.

Nobel Biocare has it easy -- gums are used to
having teeth stick out of them.  Entific gets
a little fancier with their osseointegration,
the basic idea being to imitate a cuticle, in
being hairless and thin:

Entific Medical Systems AB, "Operating Theatre Manual", 2001
(skipping over the instructions for speeds, feeds, and cooling for bone
tapping and drilling)
> ... all subcutaneous tissue must be removed in order to minimize skin
> mobility in relation to the fixtures. ... An alternative is to take a
> hairless skin graft ... The flap should be less than 1 mm thick and all
> hair follicles must be removed.  The ideal situation is a split
> thickness skin graft directly on the bone or the periosteum. ... To
> avoid steep steps around the fixture site, a subcutaneous tissue
> reduction is performed at the periphery ... The thicker the subcutis
> is, the larger the reduction should be.  The aim is to achieve a gradual,
> tension-free sloping edge down the fixtures.  The skin edges and the
> flap/graft are sutured down to the periosteum.

If my wife and I were surgeons, we would have
been able to happily munch the hors d'oeuvres
at the poster session for these techniques.


(mirrorshades?  orbits are also implantable)

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