[FoRK] the real power law

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Thu Mar 24 08:37:29 PST 2005

Geege forces me to make some sort of explanation...

> I've become increasingly concerned, however, about the misapplication
> of markets and competition by syncretic group-organisms:  political
> parties, (some) corporations, oligarchic cabals, religions, etc.  I'm
> more worried about these things and the kind of memetic pathologies
> that drive them --- and their evolutionary impact on humanity --- than
> either "socialism" or "capitalism."

What I'm specifically talking about here is my growing concern over the 
cabal of strange bedfellows and disjoint memes that appear to be 
infesting our general populace and running our country:  that strange 
and malignant brew of theocracy, textbook facism, crypto-socialism 
(prescription drug benefit, wealth redistribution from future 
generations to present through deficits, etc.) and media control / 
propaganda capability that has usurped the formerly-legitimate / 
formerly-more-benign term "conservativism."  It's clear that in many 
cases the "free market" ideal has been co-opted to pave the way for 
this (as in, for example, many changes in media law and regulation over 
the last two decades.  Good ideas in principle, but clearly disastrous 
in effect.)

> Ever the pragmatist, I've more or less decided that a dose of
> individualist-oriented socialism can in some limited context be an
> effective innoculation for more pernicious forms of collectivism.

Not advocating gov't redistribution of wealth per-se, merely rather 
expressing a current and temporary preference for the lesser evil of 
the quasi-socialist Democrats over the, well, 
whatever-you-want-to-call-it "Republicans."  AIDS or Ebola?  You 


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