[FoRK] Free market ideology (was: the real power law)

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 24 10:36:07 PST 2005

Jeff Bone:
>It's clear that in many cases the "free market" ideal has been co-opted to 
>pave the way for [the religious reich].

There has always been a tension among free
marketers between those (the majority) who
favor the powered, and those who put more
emphasis on individual freedom. A recent
example of this was the bankruptcy reform
just passed. On one view, the government
shouldn't much be involved in collecting on
consumer debt. Doing this should be viewed
as a cost of business for banks, auto dealers,
and other credit issuers, and there really isn't
much need for courts or law enforcement to
be involved, except perhaps when debt
collectors go beyond their proper means. In
our legal system, though, the legal system
is involved in consumer debt. Bankruptcy
essentially defines the limit to which the legal
system will go to help collect on such debt.
Making bankruptcy tougher essentially says
the government will put more effort into this
kind of debt collection. That is a subsidy for
the consumer debt industry, and its long-term
side effect will be to increase consumer debt.

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