[FoRK] Time for techies to realize there's no room for them in the new GOP

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 25 05:32:10 PST 2005

There are many scientists, engineers, and other
technically-oriented folks who long have been
drawn to the GOP. These are folks who believe
in reason, in looking to the facts, in the benefits
of technology and the capitalist system that
produces it, and along these lines generally felt
more comfortable with a political party whose
rhetoric leans more toward markets than to post-

It's interesting, then, that the Schiavo case is
driving a wedge between this group and the
new GOP. Part of what the Schiavo case has
revealed is that the new GOP leaders have a
vision that is faith-based above and over anything
else. In this article on techstation, a Republican
physician who founded a group that criticizes
junk science, sometimes sponsored by the Cato
Institute, writes on Terri Schiavo:


I'm not terribly hopeful that the fallout will be a
large political fault line. Many people are quite
adept at ignoring the conflict between reason
and faith. But I am hopeful that more and more
of those who already recognize that conflict
willl start to see in the new Bush/Rove GOP
something that inherently opposes science and
governance based on fact rather than in
obiesance to the religious right.

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