[FoRK] A new KP investment in eyeglasses (!?)

Jim Whitehead ejw at soe.ucsc.edu
Fri Mar 25 12:30:17 PST 2005

> [And if they could get the manufacturers to make reliable 
> frames, I'd be really impressed -- I've had welds fail, 
> screws fall out, coatings corrode, etc.  Much more attention 
> to style than durability and quality.] 

My Marchon Airlock2 rimless glasses literally have no moving parts. Some
parts flex, but there are no joints. From their website:

The Airlock mounting system uses a barbed taper at the end of each frame
mounting. This precisely matches the inner dimensions of the bushing that
mounts within the lens. When the two are pressed together, a secure fit is
created that far exceeds that of any other screwless mounting system.
Airlock uses pressure rather than screws to keep the lens in place so there
is less chance of breakage.The Airlock superior mounting system isn't the
only advantage Marchon offers in this rimless collection. Minimal frame
components means lighter weight. This is further optimized by using high
quality Beta-titanium to construct the frames. Beta-titanium is the most
flexible alloy of titanium. The use of Beta-titanium combined with the
Airlock mounting system makes Marchon the leader in premium quality,
innovative eyewear.

I've had these glasses for 2.5 months now, and am overall quite satisfied.
Only minor issue is the mounting point is very much in your field of
peripheral vision. I'm mostly used to this now. This might be less of a
problem with wider lenses. 

The other issue is one with rimless glasses in general, which is the bottom
of the glasses reflect back some ambient light. This can be annoying when in
a room with a ceiling fan, where the reflected light is slightly strobing.

A very minor issue is it's not possible to easily put the glasses on with
one hand, due to the at-rest inward curvature of the ear pieces. It's
sometimes a problem for me if I'm holding my 14 month-old son, and he scores
a direct hit on my glasses, and I want to get them back on my face without
putting him down.

- Jim

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