[FoRK] Max Headroom on DVD!

Ken Meltsner meltsner at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 17:39:42 PST 2005

Apparently, through the bizaare details of international copyright and
licensing, there was a Canadian/North American edition of Max Headroom
on DVD based on the English version of the show.  There has not been
an American edition.

Luckily, when I googled for Max Headroom DVD, I found an eBay auction
of five copies, so I managed to get one with an hour to spare.

I'm sure other copies will pop up on the 'Bay in the future for nerds
looking for a mid-'80s nostalgia fix.  Of course, we're going to end
up watching this with our oldest boy, and I'm not sure I can take
hours of derisive laughter at the primitive technology -- War Games
was definitely unintentionally funny after 20 years of Moore's Law. 
Hate to think of what he'd say if we found a copy of TRON...

Ken "Teenagers are nature's way of punishing you for getting old" Meltsner
Absolute power corrupts absolutely, but model train sets do a pretty
good job as well

-- 2/28/05, in a odd dream

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