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Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK) fork at ianbell.com
Sat Mar 26 19:51:13 PST 2005

Not sure how common this knowledge is, but M. Headroom is largely based 
on concepts developed in Cronenberg's Videodrome:


...the central oracle of which is one Brian Oblivion, whose message, 
cadence, and presentation style is largely based on Marshall McLuhan.

Headroom was slicker, cooler, and more digestible than Videodrome but 
the message was pretty powerful.  Twenty years hence it's pretty 
accurate in predicting the clashing of cultural and societal forces, if 
not the aesthetic, that is our time.


On 26-Mar-05, at 5:39 PM, Ken Meltsner wrote:

> Apparently, through the bizaare details of international copyright and
> licensing, there was a Canadian/North American edition of Max Headroom
> on DVD based on the English version of the show.  There has not been
> an American edition.
> Luckily, when I googled for Max Headroom DVD, I found an eBay auction
> of five copies, so I managed to get one with an hour to spare.
> I'm sure other copies will pop up on the 'Bay in the future for nerds
> looking for a mid-'80s nostalgia fix.  Of course, we're going to end
> up watching this with our oldest boy, and I'm not sure I can take
> hours of derisive laughter at the primitive technology -- War Games
> was definitely unintentionally funny after 20 years of Moore's Law.
> Hate to think of what he'd say if we found a copy of TRON...
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