[FoRK] good quality digital recorders

Damien Morton fork at bitfurnace.com
Sun Mar 27 13:58:14 PST 2005

This might suit. I havent used one myself, but...


Searching for the highest recording quality in a portable device? EDIROL 
handpicked the top analog and digital components for the R-1. The unit 
records and plays back at crystal-clear, 24-bit audio resolution without 
compression. Electrolytic capacitors provide stable, reliable power to 
the analog circuits, eliminating DC interference and offering a truly 
low-distortion sound. Maximum recording time is approximately 137 
minutes (MP3, 64 kbps mode) when using the included 64 MB memory card. 
The R-1 offers nine quality modes ranging from 64 kbps compression to 
24-bit linear WAV.

  - The downside is that it doesnt lat that long on a pair of AA batteries.
> Hi Folks:
> I know there are quite a few musicians/enthusiasts on this lists... My wife
> is a pianist and she always records her stuff on the (curse words here) MD
> players.  Of course, all those who have used MD's know the volitality of
> MD's... she often loses work...then I have to sit there and recover the
> content of the MD using recovery software.  We've gone through several
> different MD recorders... I have concluded that MD's as a technology just
> SUCK after studying how they work.
> SO, this brings me to the question which is if anyone knows of a consumer
> device that can record from a Microphone input.  She has a very good Mic.
> I've also found, the hard way, that MIC Input and Line-In are different
> worlds.  So, what I'm looking for is something like an IPOD that can record
> from a MIC input from a good quality MIC at a reasonably high sampling rate
> onto a wave file... and I want a file system like thing not stupid-ass
> tracks... I want something that's like an IPOD not like the typical
> recording equipment...
> Anyone knows of anything?
> Thanks in advance for any answers,
> Reza
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