[FoRK] good quality digital recorders

Reza B'Far (Voice Genesis) reza at voicegenesis.com
Mon Mar 28 09:15:09 PST 2005

Hi Tom:

Thanks for the pointer.  I bought a Soundblaster device similar to this
(don't remember the name now... only had it for a couple of days), but
returned it (bought it at a store, knowing I may have to return it and
doubting that returning stuff I buy on-line is feasible or even worth it by
the time I get done returning it).

Anyways, the reason I returned it is because my wife does indeed have a
professional Microphone and it sounded like crap when I plugged it into the
device.  I tried playing around with the settings on the device and it still
sounded like crap.  Then I bought a small amp to put in between the device
and the mic, and that still didn't work.

One of the things that confuses me is that it SEEMS like there is something
that goes along with a MIC input, like a high-pass or band-pass filter that
doesn't go along with a line-in.  The MD seems to act the same way when I
stick the mic into the line-in instead of the mic input.  BUT, when I put it
in the MIC input, it sounds great.

Any ideas?


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I just picked me up an Iriver 899 (1gig). Man on Man oh Manochvitz is
it ever the dealio.

-Uses 1 (one) AA battery. I hang mine from a neck strap.TINY
-A  Linein which can be set to true linein or a preampled MicIn. This
alone made it a must have for me.
-A little built in mic for those times your don't have the external
mic. It sounds not crappy, even ok with you dont have wind blowing
into it.
-Records at up to 329kbs and 44,1Khz
-At 128/44 it does about 17hours
-At the level I uses for quick voice recording (48kbs/32khz) you get
way about 50 hours or more.
-FM receiver built in that you can record, they even added a
Start/End/Station setting in the newest firmware (I love iriver for
its firmware revs) so you can automagicaly get your daily bits of news
even if your not tuned in.
-USB connector
-Very easy to use interface
-Slick packaging
-There are a slew of linux FOSS apps to use it with. I have even
played with modding bashpodder so podcasts and wgeted goodies get
moved over while I snooze, much as I did for the zen

Price, 199

Just tonight I had the chance to record a live show right off the
mixing board (with permission) and it was sweeeeeeetness. I have used
it to record on the road stuff last week with the wife and kid. I have
used it to do a mock interview with a pal to get ready for some real
interviews. I have used it to record off my laptop whereon I had two
sound sources playing, the mic in of the laptop going with me talking,
and the line in bringing in the sounds from my Zen Nomad...all mixed
on the screen and sent out to the Iriver...mobile recording
studio....oh heck yea.

Iriver, before iPlods in both a temporal sense and in excellence.

Tommywhore gives it 10 thumbs up up up.


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