[FoRK] Instant messaging for dolphins and humans

Ken Meltsner meltsner at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 14:48:13 PST 2005

Apparently, this is serious.  Doesn't support Trinary, though.


Seadragon 1.0 Beta - IM For Dolphins and Humans (CPL)

URL: Leafy at Java.net

At 9:27 PM on Mar 27, 2005, serge masse wrote:
Seadragon could be described as Instant Messaging for dolphins and
humans. It does not translate whistles. It tries to recognize them, it
gives a name to unrecognized ones, and it is up to you to figure out
their meaning, if any. It allows you to emit whistles underwater and
to see the text names of whistles emitted by cetaceans in response to

This Version 1.0 Beta is for early adapters: adventurous cetacean
communication scientists or whale watchers with a technical bent. Some
free support is provided via email.

Main Features :

- Predefined whistles in editable text file (xml) - new since 1.0

- Session whistles stored in editable Signals text file (xml) - new since 1.0

- Session Report text file (xml) written during each communication
session, contains all messages

- Improved displayed whistles names - since 1.0

- Includes a MIDP2 client component for cellphones (contact support
for a demo version)

- Single machine (standalone) or multiple machines configurations
(backbone and p2p)

- Standalone configuration successfully tested on Windows XP laptop (2
G Hz, 256 MB); the current release package is configured for
standalone operation.

- Entirely written in Java - requires J2SE version 5.0

- Uses common built-in audio interface (e.g., Windows Direct Audio,
Microsoft Advance AC97 Audio); normally no need for additional audio

- Input hydrophone in microphone jack, output hydrophone in headphone
jack (you purchase your hydrophones from a third party, not from us;
we don't sell anything)

- Maximum whistle frequency: 20 kHz (fixed in this version and to be
increased with special audio hardware in future version)

- Minimum whistle frequency: 1 kHz (adjustable)

- 48,000 voltage samples per second (fixed in this version)

- Choice of two frequency sampling rates: 10 and 40 frequency samples
per second - new since 1.0

- Filters low frequency background (bg) noise: below 1 kHz (adjustable)

- Filters short signals as bg noise: less than 1/10 second long
(adjustable) - new since 1.0

- Filters whistles that it emitted - new since 1.0

- System commands can be typed-in - new since 1.0

- Extensive auto diagnostics

FORUMS: https://leafy.dev.java.net/

SUPPORT: sm1(at)dev.java.net

Mac Users: This version does not work on the current versions of Apple
Mac OS. It will probably work when Apple releases a version of its
Java Runtime that is compliant with J2SE 5.0.

License: CPL - Common Public License - commercial use is allowed without fee.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, but model train sets do a pretty
good job as well

-- 2/28/05, in a odd dream

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