AJAX and alternatives, was: Re: [FoRK] AJAX: Asynchronous JavaScript + XML

Ken Meltsner meltsner at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 17:08:57 PST 2005

Appear to have been acquired by Sumisho Computer Systems Corp. 
(judging from the copyright notice).  No news releases on the site,
though.  They did come out at some point with 3.0 version, but they're
no longer the hot technology that they were.

 I did get some extremely eager and increasingly desperate sales
people calling me about it a few years ago, but I haven't heard
*anything* since then.

The outcome is a bit sad, even if they were ridiculously over-eager. 
(I've seen that from a lot of MIT startups...)  They did a lot of
things right, but no one likes plug-ins.  Flash is an exception
because almost everyone has it   I believe that Flash is pretty stable
these days, so it doesn't hurt to install it, and there are lots and
lots of tools for it.

Laszlo (www.openlaszlo.org) is cool because it goes from XML to Flash,
but I've heard complaints about the difficulty of developing "real"
applications with it.

On Wed, 30 Mar 2005 16:14:59 -0800, Gordon Mohr <gojomofork at xavvy.com> wrote:
> Whatever happened to 'Curl'? (The Perl-and-Java-competitor
> client-side bandwidth-saving dynamic content lispy scripting
> language thingum, not the cmdline www client.)
> It was just over 4 years ago...
>    http://www.xent.com/FoRK-archive/2001.03/0381.html

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