[FoRK] pop-ups in firefox?

Joe Barrera joe at barrera.org
Wed Mar 30 18:55:34 PST 2005

Kelley wrote:

>  Oh, come on. History doesn't work? You were at an objectionalbe site,
>  weren'tchya? :) You ashamed of something? huh?

No, no, no*... I did in fact use history and eventually found the lyrics
website that produced the pop-up. Well, I know some people probably
find Neil Young objectionable... but that's probably only because they
haven't given _On the Beach_ a good listen.

>  I was just reading that the arms race will continue. Reearch was
>  published recently indicating that popups are far more effective than
>  any other form of online advertising.

If the solution is driven deep enough down into the browser's machinery,
you would think pop-ups could be eliminated completely.

- Joe

*not, of course, claiming that I *don't* visit "objectionable" sites...
especially if that includes http://durrrrr.blogspot.com/ (nod to jb)

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