[FoRK] Thoughts for the day

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Thu Mar 31 08:25:27 PST 2005

Complex melange of thoughts, impressions, emotions this morning.

"Schadenfreude is good for the soul."  I admit it --- I'm pleased that 
the nutty Religious Reich (props to RT for apparent coinage) is having 
such a rough day.  It's about time that the arrogant bastards lost one. 
  It's a real shame that there are real lives caught up in the balance 
--- but then, there *always* are.  How sad for all the "pawns" involved 
in this game.

Hope:  maybe the Reich will learn something from this, namely that they 
can't just bully their way through on every issue, ignoring others' 
interests / points of view and even their own (claimed) principles like 
"the rule of law" and "no special-interest law" and "government out of 
individuals' lives" and so on.  Populism and theology aren't the laws 
of the land, even when backed with the gravest and most sincere "moral" 
authority / outrage.  And just *maybe* there will be some backlash from 
the true mainstream, something that might teach the Reich to MIND ITS 

Fear:  that they *won't* learn this lesson --- and indeed will see this 
as a challenge.

Relief:  the popular opinion polls in fact put the lie to claims of a 
great majority / "mainstreaming" of the Reich.  No, indeed, it's clear 
they are still the fringe, despite their "loudness" and belligerence 
and claims to the contrary.  The last election was, indeed, not a 
rubber-stamp mandate from middle America.  The extreme right is still 

Concern:  this could easily make the way for more ridiculous law that 
further reduces the notion of "human" to something so biologically 
trivial as to be meaningless.

Just a few thoughts for the day,


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