[FoRK] Recommendations / referrals to publishers?

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Thu Mar 31 11:00:11 PST 2005

I am much more serious this year about writing both technical and 
non-technical books.

Technical books would fall into O'Reilly Nutshell like or deeper 
research treatment.  More likely, the research side will just turn into 
a paper to be submitted while the former would be an attempt to shake up 
application development models.

The non-technical book might have a big audience depending on the size 
of people opposed to or recoverying from the very popular book it is 

Do you know of and can you refer me to publishers/editors who are open 
to these kinds of pitches or do you have other advice?

I already know better than to think of this as a direct source of 
income; I have other reasons for wanting to publish certain things.

Comments on the viability and advisability of self/vanity/demand 
publishing for different situations would be interesting.  (Better 
margins potentially, lower barrier to publishing, almost no broad 
visibility I suspect.)

With such a common name, I"ve also considered a nom de plume, but that's 
probably not worth it.


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