[FoRK] Hey look kids, Kragen & Beatrice are in teh Wired!

Carey Lening CLENING at crs.loc.gov
Thu Mar 31 11:21:08 PST 2005


Rockin!  Your house sounds like the place for a FoRKfest ;)  

And incidentally, anyone in D.C. -- we should plan some sort of food,
fun and FoRK dinner in the near future.  I'm curious to see who I'm
surrounded by and to see what the hell is going on with everyone else,
who I've neglected since law school.  

(And for anyone who has mad governmental job hookup connections, please
come love me ? ) 


Carey Lening
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>>> "Stephen D. Williams" <sdw at lig.net> 03/31/05 1:52 PM >>>
Ok guys, I am so focused right now that I completely missed that this 
was happening and when.  I would have been interested in some serious 
photography, support, etc.

In the future, please consider me one of your DC connections.  I live
miles due West of DC, which is a quick 30 min drive except at rush hour

(when it is 60-90 minutes, less with a passenger).
For these kinds of activities, I'll even offer my furnished spare 
bedroom or furnished basement or other support.  The whole house has 
GigE, 802.11G, two broadband connections, plenty of printers, video 
security surveillance, emergency generator, etc.

Carey, I'm tightly wound until after the end of next week, at which 
point I'll need to get out.


Carey Lening wrote:

>Too bad I didn't stop over and say hi like I promised.   
>(He and Beatrice are in photo #2!) 
>And Beatrice is quoted: 
>I feel split down the middle," said Beatrice Murch, who made the trip
>across the country from San Francisco with her husband. She said some
>her relatives work in the movie industry and she understands "where
>content providers are coming from." 
>At the same time, she said, "these guys are trying to squash
>technological innovation." 
>"I definitely feel that peer-to-peer systems have legitimate uses.
>Copyright law is out of whack and needs to be changed," Murch said. 
>"It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience," Murch said. "I'm not going to
>(I'm hiding in D.C. until May... if anyone wants to meet up for
>drop me an email, eh?) 
>Carey (aka bitbitch)
>Carey Lening
>Law Clerk
>Congressional Research Service, American Law Division
>tel: (202) 707-4833
>email: clening at piercelaw.edu 
>Carey Lening
>Law Clerk
>Congressional Research Service, American Law Division
>tel: (202) 707-4833
>email: clening at piercelaw.edu 
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