[FoRK] Recommendations / referrals to publishers?

Ken Meltsner meltsner at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 12:12:24 PST 2005

Unless there's a compelling non-financial reason, there is almost no
case in which vanity publishing makes sense.  The books are poorly
produced and edited, are not stocked anywhere -- some publishers don't
even try to get their books to the big online sites -- and in general,
they're in the business of printing books, not selling them -- they
make about the same amount of money whether sales are close to zero or
the entire press run sells out.

Vanity publishing, in my opinion, is defined as any sort of publishing
where the publisher requires the author to "invest" or to pay for some
or all of the production costs.  If the publisher does not have a
strong financial incentive to sell your book, then it's a vanity

Academic/scholarly publishing, in many cases, could fall within this
definition, which may explain why there are so many mediocre journals
out there.

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