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Matt Jensen mattj at newsblip.com
Thu Mar 31 13:32:24 PST 2005

> "I’m personally inviting your child to learn the secrets I have used to
> transform THOUSANDS of so called average students into a faction of ivy
> leaguers, scholarship winners, and super-successful kids.”

"Well, so there were only three scholarship winners, and one Ivy Leaguer. But
THOUSANDS of students that I, and their parents, consider 'super-successful'!"

> Four years, a few more degrees, a few hundred books, and close to
> $100,000 in research and development later
I found the answer we have
> all been waiting for.

Impressive!  I wonder how many of the extra degrees he got in four years were
PhD's.  He must have bootstrapped his own learning with his techniques!

> The technique used on the Homework Motivator is called a binaural beat.

Back in January, Slate did a piece about products claiming to enhance memory. 
Two of the products used this binaural beat technique to put the brain into a
"whole brain" state.  Here are some review snippets:

Rembrance CD ($19.95). ...
This particular CD is intended to lead the brain into a more focused state,
where it is most receptive to remembering. While it didn't do that for me, its
pleasant monotony was effective in shutting out distractions. Its creators say
that it works best when listened to through headphones. Scores: Efficacy=2;
Difficulty=0; Irritation=-1; Fun=4. Overall score=+5.

Brain Enhancement CD (Transparent Corporation, $19.95). ...
The program uses various white and off-white noises like traffic and repetitious
industrial machinery, neither of which is exactly pleasing to the ear. One time
(out of many) I popped this in the CD drive of my computer before taking the
MemWatch test and was surprised to see my score climb by five points. I took
the test again and the increase held. Still, I moved to Vermont to get away
from freeways and factories. At least Brain Enhancement emits no pollution.
Efficacy=6; Difficulty=0; Irritation=-2; Fun=1. Overall score=+5 "

( http://www.slate.com/id/2111758 )

-Matt Jensen

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