[FoRK] pop-ups in firefox?

Joe Barrera joe at barrera.org
Fri Apr 1 14:45:52 PST 2005

So since I've started looking at the source, I'm 3 for 3 for
pop-up sites using the concat-and-eval method, and
NOT leveraging plug-ins. This for example is the source
from a page on snopes:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">
var dc=document; var date_ob=new Date();
dc.cookie='h2=o; path=/;';var bust=date_ob.getSeconds();
if(dc.cookie.indexOf('e=llo') <= 0 && dc.cookie.indexOf('2=o') > 0){
dc.write('<scr'+'ipt language="javascript" src="http://media.fastclick.net');
dc.cookie='he=llo; path=/; expires='+ date_ob.toGMTString();} 
// -->

Looks like they're using a cookie so that you don't
get their pop-up more than twice a day.

- Joe

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