[FoRK] Wrong Sammich? Call 911!

Kelley kelley at inkworkswell.com
Fri Apr 1 14:54:40 PST 2005

At 05:04 PM 4/1/2005, Kelley wrote:
>A woman calls 911 to get police to make sure she gets the right sandwich 
>at BK.
>R has another one of a guy trying to social engineer the help desk, 
>pretending to be a woman. It sounded legit, but I have no idea. Will put 
>it up if anyone wants it, though I'm sure it must have made the rounds.

Snopes says the tape is real, it's just that we don't know if it's a prank 
or not. Nonetheless, it's hilarious. And, unfortunately, I hear it's 
altogether too common.
The skinny on the case of the whopper: 

Oh, and Snopes foists popups on Firefox, too. bah!


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