[FoRK] Recommendations / referrals to publishers?

John D. Mitchell johnm-fork at non.net
Sun Apr 3 14:25:37 PDT 2005

>>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen D Williams <sdw at lig.net> writes:

> Do you know of and can you refer me to publishers/editors who are open to
> these kinds of pitches or do you have other advice?

For the tech books, it really depends on what area you're targetting.
I.e., some are stronger than others.  Also, different publishers like
different focuses of the work (more academic leaning vs. how-to
vs. "design" vs. etc.).

For the non-tech markets, it can be a whole different kettle of fish.
Agents can be very helpful and, for many cases, seem to be pretty much
required.  Agents often specialize in particular genres.

So, we'll need more details to help you with specific recommendations.

> I already know better than to think of this as a direct source of income;
> I have other reasons for wanting to publish certain things.

Good thinking!

> Comments on the viability and advisability of self/vanity/demand
> publishing for different situations would be interesting.  (Better
> margins potentially, lower barrier to publishing, almost no broad
> visibility I suspect.)

True vanity publishing is, IMHO, really silly.

Self-publishing (both small run and POD) can work well but it's definitely
real work (if you care about things like production quality and making
sales :-).  You get all of the control though.

Take care,

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