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Mon Apr 11 17:00:18 PDT 2005

Jeff et al,

I disagree with the "safety" argument when it comes to SUVs.   


"Are the best performers the biggest and heaviest vehicles on the
road? Not at all. Among the safest cars are the midsize imports, like
the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. Or consider the extraordinary
performance of some subcompacts, like the Volkswagen Jetta."

Now, before you go an have a fit over my clearly selective
information, and once again point out that you yourself had been in an
accident that involved the great smashing of your own VW versus the
relatively unscathed SUV, let me point out that one of the arguments
against SUV safety is one of prevention; simply put, it is easier to
avoid an accident in the first place if you're in a car that handles
well. When that 6000 pound Hummer slams into my 1800 pound Honda
Insight, you can come dance on my grave all you want. I just don't
think they should be on the road, period; they make things bad for

That being said, I think the way to "legislate" this kind of change
would be to have stricter safety standards, bumper height limitations
(the fact that this one doesn't exist is pretty baffling -- what are
bumpers for, if not to help absorb shock in an accident?), stricter
fuel standards, and of course reclassification of SUVs as passenger
vehicles so they're forced to comply with a lot of these things. For
my safety, if nothing else. :-)


On Apr 10, 2005 12:32 PM, Joe Barrera <joe at barrera.org> wrote:
> Jeff Bone wrote:
> >  (NB: I drive a Jeep Cherokee and F.U. to all you anti-SUV activists.
> >  YOU get in a bad wreck in a small car (my last two cars beforehand
> >  were VW Cabs, and one was *utterly taken out* by an SUV that was
> >  *barely scratched* in the process) and see if you don't want a nice
> >  big clunky box.
> But, Jeff, EVERY one uses that excuse to buy an SUV :-)
> But it's okay -- the Jeep Cherokee is a totally reasonable vehicle
> (I know this because we own one :-). It's not the monstrosity that,
> say, my parents' LX 470 is... But Jeep is addressing that problem
> with the Jeep COMMANDER (see jeep.com front page flash).
> >  Besides which, if this helps drive up the cost of
> >  oil, makes the Bushies look bad, and forces the issue on alternative
> >  energy sources --- then *score.* ;-)
> Hmm. Sounds a little too much like nose-face-cut-spite action.
> Myself, I'm looking forward to picking up a cheap used Prius in
> three years, modding it so it can be charged from the wall, and
> visiting a gas station less than once a month while charging it with
> solar power at our San Gregorio "compound". :-)
> http://www.greencarcongress.com/2005/03/new_plugin_hybr_1.html
> - Joe
> P.S. The sun produces SO FUCKING MUCH energy that it just seems
> lame to bother generating any by any other means. One day we'll
> realize that...
> P.S. Take care, and pray for me as I drive my miniscule Honda Del Sol...
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