[FoRK] Bush's tanking approval ratings

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Mon Apr 11 20:14:28 PDT 2005

On Apr 11, 2005, at 10:00 PM, Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK) wrote:

> On 11-Apr-05, at 7:36 PM, Jeff Bone wrote:
>> You probably think we should make all public smoking illegal since 
>> clearly whiny militant non-smokers are too stupid to avoid those bars 
>> and other pro-smoking establishments where they're supposedly likely 
>> to get cancer from that second-hand smoke.
> I paid my way thru University by DJing at a night club and used to 
> come home with cigarette smoke and nicotine staining and permeating my 
> clothes, my hair, etc.  I was ultimately forced to retire (this was 
> before the smoking bans took effect) and get a real job because I was 
> in a constant state of illness (dry hacking cough, sneezing, clogged 
> sinuses, cauliflower ears) for years... I'm allergic to smoke.  The 
> next morning after each night of work my clothes from the night before 
> were unapproachable -- it was as though they had been bathed in 
> carbons for weeks.  I wasn't too stupid to avoid the bar ... it was my 
> job.  I have no doubt that had i done it for another five or ten years 
> that I'd have ended up in the hospital.  This was from a few dozen 
> people smoking maybe 6 cigarettes each over the course of 5 hours in a 
> 10,000 square foot heavily air-conditioned building.
> Walking toward the gym the other day on a calm night I noticed a 
> smoker a block ahead of me on the opposite side of the road strolling 
> along hacking a butt.  I sneezed.  I could smell the smoke blowing in 
> my face from 50 yards away.
> I don't think smokers are even remotely aware of the impact they have 
> on the world around them.  Or maybe they don't care.

Kind of like the new breed of conservatives.  I happen to be allergic 
to them.  Being around them gives me a splitting, debilitating 
headache.  It drives my blood pressure up.  In fact, given 8 years or 
so of their being in power, I might end up in the hospital.  (Mental or 
other remains to be seen. ;-)  I think we ought to pass some 
legislation to ban conservativism in public places.  And "liberalism" 
while we're at it.  And Greenie-Weenie-ism.  And anti-SUV-whinyism.  

Sheesh, Ian.  Bottom line:  nobody *forced* you to take that job.  Take 
responsibility for your own choices and let other people live their 
lives.  And get real:  occupational exposure to second-hand smoke isn't 
going to kill anybody.

If you moved to Austin and suffered periodic cedar fever --- dry 
hacking cough, sneezing, clogged sinuses, ear problems (though I 
thought "cauliflower ears" were either vegetables or a congenital 
deformity) and even, yes, gasp, FEVER --- would you drum up support for 
a public vote to ban cedar pollination?  To force all property owners 
to uproot their trees?  Etc.?

Really.  Moral busybodies on the left *and* right.



When the government’s boot is on your throat, whether it is a left boot 
or a right boot is of no consequence.

	-Gary Lloyd

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