[FoRK] Bush's tanking approval ratings

Karl Anderson kra at monkey.org
Mon Apr 11 22:53:56 PDT 2005

Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> writes:

> >> A commitment to freedom means a commitment to letting other people do
> >> things we don't like as long as they don't immediately and directly 
> >> and
> >> *measurably* injure another person or their property.
> >
> > Tailpipe emissions measurably injure other people.
> Oh, waaah.
> You probably think we should make all public smoking illegal since 
> clearly whiny militant non-smokers are too stupid to avoid those bars 
> and other pro-smoking establishments where they're supposedly likely to 
> get cancer from that second-hand smoke.

Sorry, dude, I didn't know that I was pissing on your flag.  Will I
avoid another outburst like that if I tell you that I have ridden in
and driven an SUV in the last year?  Where did I say that anything
should be made illegal?

> > You drive a
> > pigmobile, you pay for insurance that covers when you smash into
> > somebody, that's great.  Tailpipe emissions *measurably* cause more
> > deaths and injuries than crashes do,


> > however - are you paying for
> > that?
> Indeed.  At the pump.  Among other places.

Fees are put on gas to pay for the health effects of burning it?  In
the USA?  I only knew about paying for spills, dumping it in the
sewers, and ambulances.  Who's putting a pollution fee on gas?  Where
else do drivers pay for emissions, and do they pay more for driving
inefficient cars, or is someone else paying for their freedom?

> > SUV owners are at the extreme end of flaunting their
> > wealth at the expense of others, so why is anyone surprised?
> You know, Karl, I know I'm not the typical SUV owner (apparently, 
> according to others on the list, my Jeep is a pussmobile that doesn't 
> even qualify as an "SUV" ;-) and I don't know what you drive --- but 
> I'd be willing to bet that my sled cost me less than whatever sweet 
> ride you drive.

My motorcycle cost $1300, about $150/year for collision insurance, and
probably a hundred or so a year in parts and maintenance when averaged
out (I do most, but not all, of my own work).  4 bicycles cost about
$50-250 each plus a few bucks a year in parts when evened out.  A
handful of other bikes were free.  I pay for the gas when I borrow my
friend's truck.  I will spend $2500-3500 this year to clean up an oil
spill on my property.

I burn the stuff like there's no tomorrow, and pay others to burn it
for me, just like you and everyone else in the first world.  I don't
tell people that they're dishonoring my "commitment to freedom" for
criticising this.

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