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On Mon, Apr 11, 2005 at 09:32:12PM -0400, Stephen D. Williams wrote:

> The energy used in creating a vehicle probably exceeds the fuel used 
> during it's lifetime.  I realized a couple years ago when I almost 

Given a 1994 study by VW (a decade, half a lightsecond on the tachometer, 8.1
l/100 km mileage).

6% of energy total is for the raw materials (30 times it takes to recycle it)
4% of energy used in production 
~90% fuel production and use (12.150 tons fuel)

1000 kg of car over lifetime results in
36 tons CO2
413 kg CO
192 kg hydrocarbons 
34 kg SO2
28 kg NOx
6 kg airborne aerosol
118 tons of contaminated water
8 tons ore byproducts
2 ton excavation 
250 kg nickel and copper slag

sans fuel and water use the car generates 320 kg 
materials, and equal amount of trash.

Above should still apply today -- it's probably worse due to outsourcing.
You can probably use a factor of three of above for your average SUV.

> bought a Prius that the savings in gas for a 100 mile per day commute 
> were not a significant amount compared to the price of a new vehicle.  

You need to do a TCO calculation, and weigh in the lack of local exhaust issue.

> If you assume 20 years of use, this may come out differently, but the 
> Prius' status seemed questionable past warranty.

I'm surprised why geeks can't look up the numbers, and do ecology calculus.
It's just numbers.

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