[FoRK] Smoking, etc.

Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK) fork at ianbell.com
Tue Apr 12 11:38:29 PDT 2005

On 12-Apr-05, at 11:09 AM, Jeff Bone wrote:

>> Or perhaps we could allow people to sue others for the consequences of
>> second-hand smoke.  Work with a guy who smokes incessantly while on 
>> the
>> job?  Sue his ass.  It was his CHOICE!
> These are more reasonable solutions.

The problem is you can't name all of the 100,000 persons or so you 
might come into contact with during the course of your life each of 
whom contribute to a debilitating condition, so the liability is too 
diffuse.  It's not every case where the second-hand smoke emanates from 
a small group or individuals.

> It's also a word used LARGELY by the Reich.  It's difficult to take 
> seriously.

Did you just invoke Hitler?  Now it's difficult to take /you/ seriously.

> In any case, you're far from proving that smoking is deviant behavior 
> even by your own definition above.  Which society?  What subset of 
> society?  How do you determine what the "accepted standards" are?  
> Etc.

I think it's well-established that society is a community.  And 
specifically in this case it's people sharing a physical space within, 
say, a city.  Which regulates things like public smoking bans.  I'm 
making a feet-on-the-street argument here and you just launched 
yourself into the stratosphere with Richard Branson.

> I --- and many smokers ---

I figured this little factoid became obvious a few messages ago.

> tend to try hard to respect the *subjective preferences* of those 
> around us by not exposing non-smokers to our nasty habit.  You'd be 
> surprised at the lengths smokers often go to in order to avoid 
> offending somebody.  Nonetheless --- the self-righteousness of the 
> anti-smoking crusaders is self-defeating in some sense:  it does 
> sometimes inspire a perverse urge among smokers to say "fuck you" to 
> all you militants and blow smoke in your face.

I tend to respect Smokers' "subjective preferences" by not beating the 
shit out of them every time they despoil the air around me.  You'd be 
surprise at the lengths I will go to in order to avoid kicking 
somebody's ass.  The self-righteousness of their sense of entitlement 
is self-defeating in some sense:  it does sometimes inspire a perverse 
urge to say "fuck you" to all you militants and forcibly insert the 
cigarette into your puny mouths.

> Just like all those homophobes who don't want to see guys kissing on 
> TV, etc. etc. etc.

Funny, watching a couple of queers fondle each other has never made me 
cough or develop eye irritation.  I seriously doubt it will increase my 
risk of heart disease.


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