[FoRK] Smoking, etc.

paul paul at remsset.com
Tue Apr 12 13:42:14 PDT 2005

As a former smoker of two+ packs of Marlboro 100s a day, well:

<jb said>
I --- and many smokers --- tend to try hard to respect the *subjective
preferences* of those around us by not exposing non-smokers to our nasty
habit.  You'd be surprised at the lengths smokers often go to in order to
avoid offending somebody.  Nonetheless --- the self-righteousness of the
anti-smoking crusaders is self-defeating in some sense:  it does sometimes
inspire a perverse urge among smokers to say "fuck you" to all you
militants and blow smoke in your face.  As for entitlement --- IMHO the
real sense of entitlement here is among the non-smokers, who believe
they're entitled to (when you get right down to it) *not be offended.*
</jb said>

No matter what you do, even downwind in a 20 mph winter wind, the rabid
non-smokers, most of whom are ex-smokers (and the folks that have never
smoked are not entitled to an opinion anyway), will be offended just
because you pull a cig outta yer pocket.  They still want tobacco just like
a wino in AA wants Mad Dog.  Screw 'em.  It's my body and my health
insurance (such as it is) that will cover what it will cover and where will
They be whilst the consumption eats my lungs?  Not near me, I'm quite sure.

As an ex-smoker I can smell the stuff from 50 feet away.  Auto, esp. diesel
exhaust bothers me much more than when I smoked.  Enough to the point that
I've thought of starting up again.  Bars are pretty much out... too much
smoke.  Not really a problem, it's cheaper to drink at home with no worries
of a DWI and /I/ control the music.  I have noticed many people stink of
too much scent whether it's perfume or lack of soap.  After 20 years of
smoking and my nose trying to compensate, it's now over compensating.  Wah.
Poor me.  Who do I sue?

Hey, you there!  Smoke that cig about 15 feet up and side wind... ah, a
whiff...  nice, just like getting a whiff of weed smoke.

Everyone is entitled to be offended.  We will get over it.


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