[FoRK] Smoking, etc.

Lucas Gonze lgonze at panix.com
Tue Apr 12 18:57:12 PDT 2005

The issue with regard to bars is whether citizens can gather for the sake 
of sinning.  Sinning isn't about purifying your body, it's about being 
bad.  Not Disney bad, like putting on a leather jacket over your cardigan, 
bad bad.

In bars with both a smoking and non-smoking section, the smoking section 
is invariably packed and the non-smoking section is empty.  The reason is 
that people go to bars to do all kinds of things which are bad for their 
health, of which cigarettes are hardly the worst.

About second hand smoke, it's a bogus issue.  The toxicity is extremely 
low, and for the very few people obliged to put up with it (not including 
Ian, who is way too uptight to work in a bar) ventilation can easily 
protect their health.

There are two issues that are real.  One is the health consequences to 
smokers -- the state might well have a compelling case to ban smoking 
outright in order to protect smokers and potential smokers.  The other is 
puritanism, which is alive and well.  Short of banning smoking outright, 
which I'm ok with, the case against smoking is moral feelings regarding 
self-indulgence, which I'm not ok with.

- Lucas

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