[FoRK] Re: Smoking

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Tue Apr 12 19:41:25 PDT 2005

Stephen says:

> it's an intrusion that is really out of bounds.

How is it an "intrusion" if I smoke only in designated and 
easily-avoidable public areas, smoker-oriented and smoke-friendly 
businesses, etc.?  IMHO, the "intrusion" is the whiners that want to 
come into such places and feel entitled to do so w/o having their 
various sensitivities offended.

You know Survival Research Labs?  You know how when you go to various 
of their installations, performances, etc. you often have to sign a 
waiver?  Maybe that's the answer.  Let the bar owners do what they want 
(they're certainly more entitled to that than you are to determine what 
can happen in their place of business) and require waivers for 
customers, employees, etc.  CONTRACTS, baby.  CONSENT.


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