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Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Wed Apr 13 06:41:33 PDT 2005

I was speaking generally.  Having designated areas does help, but there 
are still plenty of cases where freedom to smoke has an impact on 
others.  For example, say I was waiting in line for tickets or to get 
into a museum or a non-smoking facility.  People in line are free to 
smoke but will likely affect, to various degrees, those around them.


Jeff Bone wrote:

> Stephen says:
>> it's an intrusion that is really out of bounds.
> How is it an "intrusion" if I smoke only in designated and 
> easily-avoidable public areas, smoker-oriented and smoke-friendly 
> businesses, etc.?  IMHO, the "intrusion" is the whiners that want to 
> come into such places and feel entitled to do so w/o having their 
> various sensitivities offended.
> You know Survival Research Labs?  You know how when you go to various 
> of their installations, performances, etc. you often have to sign a 
> waiver?  Maybe that's the answer.  Let the bar owners do what they 
> want (they're certainly more entitled to that than you are to 
> determine what can happen in their place of business) and require 
> waivers for customers, employees, etc.  CONTRACTS, baby.  CONSENT.
> jb
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