[FoRK] Bush's tanking approval ratings

Lorin Rivers lrivers at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 15:03:58 PDT 2005

On 4/11/05, Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> wrote:
> > Tailpipe emissions measurably injure other people.
> Oh, waaah.

My understanding is that the price of gasoline does not accurately
reflect its true cost, particularly with regard to the environmental
impact. Here in Austin, ozone action days are common in the warm
months (June-May). Ozone comes from a variety of sources, some of
which are motor-vehicle related. I can tell when an ozone action day
is in effect, because I can't breathe as well.

> You probably think we should make all public smoking illegal since
> clearly whiny militant non-smokers are too stupid to avoid those bars
> and other pro-smoking establishments where they're supposedly likely to
> get cancer from that second-hand smoke.

I think so too, but not because of "supposed" health effects from
second-hand smoke but because its yucky. I don't want to make a choice
between going to a venue and not going because they allow smoking. I
think if someone needs to feed their nicotine monkey, they should do
it outside (unless there's food being served, then not there either).

Not sure if Jeff has mentioned that he's a smoker. It's not (just) his
Libertarian bent.

> > however - are you paying for
> > that?
> Indeed.  At the pump.  Among other places.
> > SUV owners tend to whine
> I dunno, Karl.  It's not the SUV owners I'm hearing most of the whining
> from.

No, typically they are unaware, their vision being blocked by their
yellow ribbon and W '04 stickers and what not.

> > SUV owners are at the extreme end of flaunting their
> > wealth at the expense of others, so why is anyone surprised?

This actually baffles me. I don't think SUV owners are flaunting
wealth so much as succumbing to fear. Unless it's a Hummer in
question, those simply indicate a teeny-tiny penis.

> You know, Karl, I know I'm not the typical SUV owner (apparently,
> according to others on the list, my Jeep is a pussmobile that doesn't
> even qualify as an "SUV" ;-) and I don't know what you drive --- but
> I'd be willing to bet that my sled cost me less than whatever sweet
> ride you drive.

My shit-heap Jetta (nicknamed the Jettason) gets about the same
mileage as our SUV (an elderly Pathfinder, hardly more than a
"compact" these days).

The real winners with SUVs are the manufacturers because they are so
much cheaper to make than cars (their classified as light trucks and
have totally different safety regulations).

If gas makes it over $3, I bet there'll be some sweet deals on big-ass SUVs.

> IMHO, though --- this is indeed a root cause of all the whining you
> hear about SUVs.  They're a status symbol.  "The People" don't like
> that, 'least not if they can't get one through WIC w/ their food
> stamps.

This baffles me.

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