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Once upon a time cedar trees were controlled by wildfire.  Folks came along
at stopped the fires.

According to some really old old-timers I have met, back when they were
kids, say 60 and 70 years ago, you only had cedar in valleys, creekbeds,
arroyos, etc.  Up on the flat ground, you had oaks, grass, houses, and
whatever.  Cedar started spreading about 50 years ago because the wildfires
that happened during summer droughts (that would burn the grass and the
little cedar trees while being small enough to not bother the oaks) were
being put out.  Think of fire as Mom's weedwacker.

Yeah, them old-timers might be full of it but they all tell the same story.
As a bit of proof, drive out 120 miles on I-10 towards Ozona.  You have
grass and a few trees but no cedar unless it is in a ditch.  T'ain't anyone
living out there so wildfires have their way.

Closer to home, the dip on CR330 use to have running water year round just
40 years ago.  And we were not covered with cedar.  Most folks see the dip
as a PITA.  It's really quite near the beginning of Hairston Creek.  Which
runs across the back of my place....

Have you ever burned a pile of cedar trees?  A smallish pile, about the
size of 4 Ford Exploitations parked side by side generates quite a lot of
heat and very high flames.  Enough heat that you are comfortably warm on
New Year's Eve... 60 feet away.


   No American experience is complete without a row of portapotties.

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On 4/12/05, FoRK Ian Andrew Bell <fork at ianbell.com> wrote:
> Cedar in Austin?  You're comparing a benign force of nature to deviant
> behaviour that has been proven, clinically, to cause terminal illness
> in humans and other species.  There are plenty of things in this world
> we can't control, like brain tumors, but we sure as hell can stop Lung
> Cancer.. unfortunately first we need to cure ignorance and that, it
> seems, is spreading.

Cedar (actually it's a juniper variety) IS the result of deviant
behavior! There didn't used to be much of that crap around here, but
people let it grow and now it sucks water and what not like there's no

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