[FoRK] Fwd: rant about photoshop

Steve Nordquist signa at birch.net
Mon Apr 18 20:10:44 PDT 2005

I will smoke my Copics if this is an industrial art forum,
but since I just came from an open seminar at the KU Anime
NakaKon, I'll hazard some bits:

Flattened-image manipulations are outside the scope of Photoshop,
to be suffered during import translation or rip; if you are using
plugins, then you are using Photoshop as a work organizer and
not an image editor, and will probably never leave the environment
of your organizer and better-filters-than-the-builtins plugins.

As such, the HMI bits are irrelevant except in their facility
as standard and facility-for-walkthrough (should an illustrator's
wrists hurt.  Ever heard o' that one?) in which they are tested
and true.  Speaking to 'gameplay,' of the product, they are also
tested and true in never speaking to RAM usage, when layers
need to be flattened, what is actually saved in workspaces and
plugin state, etc; things that would matter to scientific managers
who would like to codevelop a tool and techniques!
      Instead, tear your CMM interests a page from the
Best Practices scope you choose and an Adobe brochure,
or choose otherwise, because the supported technique is to run
in against all the limitations, take notes on the effects of
each layer/keybrame/spread, and use the combination of
limitations and effects best suited to your artistic plan with
merciless consistency.

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