[FoRK] WWDC, anybody else?

Kynan Shook kshook at cae.wisc.edu
Wed Apr 20 20:35:03 PDT 2005

As long as Rohit mentioned this...  Anybody else planning on going to 
WWDC?  I'm not exactly an active participant on this list, so obviously 
nobody knows me...  But I feel like I know all of you with all your 
antics... <sniff> ;~)
But I'm hoping to hear back from Apple by Friday on whether or not I 
will be one of the lucky student scholarship recipients, netting me a 
free conference pass.  I already got my school's honors program to 
cover my airfare and hotel room...  Anyway, this will be my third WWDC; 
the first two were really a blast!

Well, perhaps I'll see a couple of you folks out there...

Rohit Khare <khare at alumni.caltech.edu> writes:
> Unfortunately, I won't be taking advantage of these tickets -- Smruti
> and I are going to WWW2005 a week afterwards, but keep an eye out; this
> might be the cheapest way to get to Japan (and take rail from there)
> ever... or at least since New Year's Eve 2000 for any FoRKers who
> remember that little scam on Continental :)

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