[FoRK] help with unification and RDF / try again

Damien Morton fork at bitfurnace.com
Wed May 4 23:26:37 PDT 2005

<blush/>I left out the link to the paper I was talking about in the 
first posting</blush>

Can anyone point me to some reference material on Unification in the
context of RDQL.

Ive found one particular paper which seems to be relevant, but Im having
trouble transcribing the concepts into a form meaningfull to RDF triples.


I _think_ it goes like this (taking from the example of algorithm 3 in
action on page 268)

U: {
   {x} = (triple(x1,'foo',x2), triple(x2,'bar',x3), triple(x3,'baz',x4),
                ... followed by the entire triple store}
   {x1}=(), {x2}=(), {x3}=(), {x4}=()

T: ().

This would correspond to the query:

select ?x1, ?x2, ?x3, ?x4
where (?x1,'foo',?x2), (?x2,'bar',?x3), (?x3,'baz',?x4)

(If it isnt obvious yet, Im a total novice at all this).

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