[FoRK] A New Take on the Electoral Process...

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Thu May 5 12:21:34 PDT 2005

Pretty interesting algorithm.  Explaining it to voters is interesting.  
Gaming the system still seems possible, but hopefully with less impact.
You need a mathematical proof system to really make decisions on voting 
system design.  I have an interesting book on the subject that I haven't 
read yet.


Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK) wrote:

> Not-so-subtly alterations to the Provincial electoral process.  
> Basically, fewer ridings, more MLAs.  By allowing voters to rank their 
> preferences it allows multiple MLAs to represent each riding:
>     http://www.citizensassembly.bc.ca/flash/bc-stv-full
> The new government in 2000 convened a council of voters (regular 
> people) to study and make recommendations on improving the electoral 
> process for the province of BC.  This was NOT the government simply 
> shifting the rules and redistricting electoral colleges as is 
> commonplace in the US.  These recommendations will be voted on in a 
> referendum in BC's upcoming provincial election.
> This would potentially allow for effective diversification from the 
> two-party system and for a stronger voice for independents.
> -Ian.
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