[FoRK] US defence budget will equal ROW combined "within 12 months"

Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Thu May 5 15:07:39 PDT 2005

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Robert Thau writes:
> Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK) writes:
>  > It's pretty impractical to sell items on eBay if you're not in one of 
>  > the countries serviced by PayPal.  I've bought things overseas and lost 
>  > a lot of money doing it, so my lesson as a buyer (Caveat Emptor) is to 
>  > use PayPal exclusively ... if they won't take my PayPal payment forget 
>  > it.  So a merchant in Botswana sadly does not have access to me and a 
>  > lot of other eBayers.
> The second post I pointed to had a list of requirements for sellers,
> including:
>   4. An account with Paypal, Bidpay, or some other financial intermediary.
> Bidpay's FAQ here says they send Western Union money orders to anyone
> who's able to receive them:
>   http://www.bidpay.com/getPaidFAQReceiving.asp
> and Western Union in turn provides service to both India and Pakistan.
> See, for example:
>   http://www.ameinfo.com/17682.html
> However, per the TOS, buyers who insist on using Paypal to pay
> $10.00 or less for high quality, hand-tailored garments may indeed be
> out of luck...

FWIW, buyers would do well to avoid payments via Western Union --
it's the payment method of choice for 419 scammers.


I'd say that may put a damper on buyers' enthusiasm...

- --j.
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