[FoRK] My Wife's CD release

Reza B'Far reza at voicegenesis.com
Mon May 16 09:47:05 PDT 2005

Hi Folks...

Well, I'm under "encouragement" ;-) to publicize my Wife's CD (Susan
Boettger) as much as I can... She's a classical pianist... The CD is mostly
modern classical with some Jazz influence and one of her own compositions
(based on Persian folk songs)...

Officially, the CD cover reads:

"Edge is a reflection of how our eclectic, multi-cultural society has
blended the edges of musical genres as we've known them.  Here, tango from
the streets of Argentina, Middle Eastern folk music, and American jazz and
film music co-exist to complement one another...."

There are some samples available too:


Let me know if any of you folks have or know of any big blogs for this type
of music

COMMENTS ARE HIGHLY APPRECIATED since they (her trio) will be working on
their second CD soon.


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