[FoRK] Does this real estate boom remind you of the dot-com boom?

Ken Meltsner meltsner at gmail.com
Tue May 17 16:25:16 PDT 2005

Housing prices are even going up out here in flyover country.  Yep,
even in rust belt Milwaukee.

San Francisco prices have been insane since the Gold Rush; inadequate
infrastructure and restrictive laws, and the simple fact that it's
bounded on three sides (or so) by water have always made it a sellers'
market with only a few exceptions.  The same appears to be true of the
rest of the Bay Area; where nature didn't make expansion hard, I'm
sure legislation will make sure real estate is perceived as a scarce

There are other factors, of course.  Growing house sizes even as
family sizes shrink, for example.  Private cars and active government
efforts to depopulate cities (in the name of national security) over
the last fifty years have fundamentally changed housing "requirements"
as well -- do you live within a street car ride of your job?

By now, telecommuting threatens to disperse high value jobs even more.
 I'm so tired of people claiming that they want to live in near
wilderness, unless they plan to build 800 sq foot cabins without
indoor plumbing....  We just keep sprawling more and more, as older
suburbs are disposed of and population areas die from the inside out.


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