[FoRK] Does this real estate boom remind you of the dot-com boom?

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Tue May 17 19:15:45 PDT 2005

In 1994, my Ohio sensibilities were surprised by the very common 
multi-person roommate arrangements in the Bay Area.  This is becoming 
common in the DC and surrounding area now also.
I always presume that these kinds of arrangements house many people 
pre-family in hot areas.


Joe Barrera wrote:

> Udhay Shankar N wrote:
> > Can anyone point me at a good article / study on where all the
> > middle-income folk working in the Bay Area live? Say, schoolteachers,
> > policemen, grocery store employees, etc. It seems that many of them
> > can't afford to either rent or buy in the Bay Area itself.
> Anecdotally speaking, they all live as far east of the Bay Area
> as they can stand to drive twice a day. Hey, it's only 60 miles
> from Tracy to San Francisco.
> http://www.homesintracy.com/350to400.htm
> - Joe

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