[FoRK] Palm Lifedrive -- fantastic or fetish?

Ken Meltsner meltsner at gmail.com
Wed May 18 13:11:17 PDT 2005

OK, I know it just came out.  But does anyone have an opinion on the
new Palm Lifedrive?

It has, on paper/screen, everything I want.  It's $500, but it can be
justified under the "Things that will keep me sane on my upcoming
30,000 miles of travel*" budget.  But are Palms dead meat now that
Microsoft has taken over the world?  Will my eyes fall out after
reading a book or two on the color 320x480 screen?  Is the operating
system still stuck in the 68K days, or is it actually a reasonable

I was thinking about an iPaq with Linux, but they're bulky and have
lousy battery life.  I'm really not sure they're an improvement over
schlepping my laptop, to be honest.

Ken Meltsner

*  Roughly in order with a few breaks: Slough (UK), Islandia (NY), New
York, Sao Paulo, Islandia (NY), Sydney/Artarmon, Singapore.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely, but model train sets do a pretty
good job as well

-- 2/28/05, in a odd dream

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