[FoRK] Fwd: [Processing] download the new beta release!

Joe Barrera joe at barrera.org
Thu May 19 20:08:56 PDT 2005

Justin Mason wrote:

>  I once did, to fix bugs in a java.util class. (in the early days,
>  you got the source to those classes.)

I know I've done the same, in 1999... some network thing...

>  On top of that, the key "freedom" is that, if you're writing products
>  on java and "Mad" Scott McNealy suddenly decides that Java is no
>  longer profitable and closes it all down, you aren't locked in the
>  trunk of the car going off the cliff.

Well, there's always gcj... which I assume would pick up a huge
amount more support if Sun killed Java...

>  Java would still exist without Sun.

I agree, but I don't understand how this agrees with your
earlier statements.

- Joe

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