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Michael Silk michaelslists at
Thu May 19 20:27:08 PDT 2005

Not sure if that is an indirect insult or compliment, but either way,
like i said - I understand the benefits of oss but i don't see it
applying to java. you can implement your own vm. you can give out
_your own_ runtime libraries. you just can't modify suns. If there is
a bug, submit a bug report or figure out a work-around. Sun won't
suddenly start charging for their vm, but if they do you can go

What is the exact problem?

-- Michael

On 5/20/05, Luis Villa <luis.villa at> wrote:
> On 5/19/05, Justin Mason <jm at> wrote:
> > I think fundamentally you need to read up on the motivations behind why
> > open source is a good thing ;)
> I really honestly thought even if people in the industry (people who
> can find fork!) disagreed with the notion of Open Source/Free
> Software, they'd all at least heard of the basic concepts driving it.
> Am I really living in that much of a bubble?
> Luis
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