[FoRK] "A Love Affair With S.U.V.'s Begins to Cool"

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Sun May 22 10:04:07 PDT 2005

The little French rental car I had in the Nice area, and in the 
mountains during their rare snow there in January, was a strange little 
beast.  It was ok if you kept the RPMs up, but it had a tiny fraction of 
the horsepower I'm used to.  The car was light, but it was still tough 
powering up super steep moutain village driveways.  I was very close to 
sliding back into a stone wall at the house I was staying at.  I'm 
afraid I may have worn half the clutch away on the little go cart.

It seemed kind of bizarre how dangerous the roads were there.  They have 
very little sense of safety in road design, retaining barriers, or other 
safety measures.


Ken Meltsner wrote:

>Oddly, I saw a number of SUVs here in Slough -- several Grand
>Cherokees and even more Nissan models.  There was even a Hummer H2 in
>the parking lot here, but that must be an exotic car around here -- it
>took up more than one parking space and had left-hand drive.
>The SUVs certainly stand out next to the little Kias (which look like
>they should have three wheels) and the rectangular prism Renault work
>vans.  The Renault work van is so boxy that it makes the Honda Element
>look streamlined.
>The number of Renault cars surprised me -- I thought the British had
>suffered enough*.  Remember, the French automotive industry do not
>copy anyone else, and no one copies the French.
>Ken Meltsner
>*  I drove my grad advisor's Alliance for six months, after which I
>learned to distrust car magazines and their "Car of the Year" choices.
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